Wall Concrete Panel with Holes

From 36,00  (271,24 kn)

3D Tiles concrete panels are intended for modern interiors and for those who wish to make their home or other object unique.

80 € + VAT / m²

Colors of Concrete Wall Panels

Antrazit, Grey, White

Dimensions of Concrete Wall Panels

60 x 120 cm, 60 x 60 cm

Why are 3D Tiles concrete panels the best choice for your interior?

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Installation of concrete wall panels is simple, and they can be installed in buildings of different purposes. They can be used in retail stores, showrooms, catering establishments, hotels and in private houses and apartments.

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Our concrete panels are handmade wall panels made of natural concrete, and represent a natural alternative to modern ceramic or porcelain tiles. The quality of the materials and manufacturing methods guarantee the longevity of our concrete wall panels.

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The naturalness of concrete as a material contributes to the maturation of concrete in different conditions, so each panel is original and always different, unlike modern materials on which concrete textures are printed, so repetition is easily noticeable after a while and looks artificial.


Available colors of concrete panels

Each concrete has different shades of color due to the use of various types of cement, aggregates, and other additives that affect the maturation, and the room itself, as well as the humidity, affect the final appearance of the concrete.
The color, and the more or less irregular appearance of the concrete surface, give that naturalness and uniqueness that will give your space an industrial character and make it special and unique.
Our concrete wall panels are made in 3 shades – anthracite, gray and white. However, it is also possible to make panels as desired and in other colors if your project requires it.

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The use of concrete panels in space – examples

Concrete panels for walls – decoration for urban interiors

3D Tiles system offers concrete wall decorative panels that will enhance any interior and make it completely special. This method of interior decoration is an increasingly common choice for decorating private houses and apartments, as well as catering establishments that want to look more urban.

Concrete panels adorn the walls of many cafes, hotels, as well as exposed and retail stores. Handcrafting and application of natural materials enable a long service life for these decorative elements, which is another reason to choose 3D Tiles concrete panels.

Our concrete panels for walls are made in dimensions 60×60 cm and 60×120 cm, and their thickness is 1.2 cm. We make them in 3 colors that contribute to a modern and elegant decoration of the space, and we can also meet you and create concrete panels as you have designed them.

Concrete panels according to your design

In addition to the rich offer, we go out of our way to meet all clients and create unique concrete panels for them. If you have special requests for panels according to our design or yours, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to meet your expectations.